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We've have chosen environmentally friendly and gorgeous uniforms. Our range will not only feel good on your body while you are in class, it will also make your heart feel good knowing you are doing your part in helping to save our environment by making the choice to dance a little lighter. 

By choosing Eco Dancers, you help divert waste from landfills and oceans. We and Eco Dancers have big goals for 2021 

Goals for 2021

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water bottles recycled


Trees planted

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Australian Conservatoire of Ballet Package

Our older (6-17 years) students are trained in the Vaganova training method whilst following the internationally recognised Conservatoire of Ballet syllabus.

The uniform includes

  • Sweetheart exam leotard: Baby Pink/Blue or White

  • Pink Ballet socks and Pink Ballet shoes

  • Wrap skirt

  • Hair neatly tied up, off the face

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Queensland Ballet Petit Pointers Package

Our tiniest (3-5 years) students begin their dance journey with the nationally recognised and highly accredited Queensland Ballet Petit Pointers Program.

The uniform includes 

  • Sleeveless Leotard Light Pink

  • RAD skirt Light Pink

  • Pink Ballet socks and Pink Ballet shoes

  • Hair neatly tied up in ballet bun, off the face

Eco Dancers_FINAL_colour.png
Eco Dancers_FINAL_colour.png