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As a small business, we have been proud to use our platform to create and fund the ELLA Scholarship.

Ella was Australia’s first Aboriginal dancer to be invited to the Australian Ballet Company in 2013 and today the scholarship in her name funds dance school fees for upcoming Aboriginal dancers.

This year we have provided scholarships to 2 young sisters, Havana and Audrina. 


Scholarship recipients


Quote from Toni Stone (mother)

"The financial help means so much to the girls as they continue to grow not only as a dancers, but as young people. They are learning about the world of dance, discipline, and exploring their own identities as young Aboriginal girls.

Every cent helps our family in a great manner as the costs associated with dancing are definitely not cheap and it would be amazing if the girls can continue dancing in the future and not have a dollar sign that prevents them from doing this.

For an industry that is so cut throat, having support like this makes the girls feel accomplished and accepted as Aboriginal dancers who can be proud of where they come from and who they are."

ella foundation

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